Can I still use my SIM Card after installing an eSIM?

Yes, you can still use your physical SIM card even after installing an eSIM profile on a device that supports both. Here are a few ways dual SIM functionality works with eSIM and physical SIM:

  • Many modern smartphones have space for two SIM cards – one physical slot and one embedded eSIM chip. This allows you to use one profile on the eSIM and one regular SIM card at the same time.
  • You can choose which SIM to use as the primary calling and data number and set the other as secondary. You can also switch between them as needed.
  • Both SIMs can be active simultaneously in standby mode. This allows you to receive calls and texts on both numbers.
  • For making calls or using mobile data, you can manually select which SIM to use on a per-call or per-session basis.
  • Some devices let you configure rules to route calls and data from specific contacts or apps through a particular SIM profile.
  • You can switch the eSIM profile at any time without needing to remove the physical SIM. This makes it easy to change eSIM carriers.
  • The only limitation is you can’t actively use both SIMs for calls or data at the exact same time. You have to switch between them manually.

So in summary, dual SIM devices give you the flexibility to keep your existing physical SIM while also taking advantage of eSIM profiles for added convenience and flexibility. You can use both numbers by toggling between the two as needed.

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