How It Works

Step 1: Order Your eSIM

If you're travelling to a specific country, then select a pack for that country, or if you're travelling throughout a specific region, then you can select an eSIM pack that covers that region.

NOTE: Not all mobile phones are able to use an eSIM please check our list of eSIM-compatible mobile devices.

buy esim online

Step 2: Receive via Email

Once you've purchased your eSIM data pack, we will send you an email that includes information on how to activate that eSIM pack.

receive esim via email

Step 3: Activate Before You Leave

Before you travel or when you arrive, scan your QR code with your phone and your eSIM data pack will be instantly connected allowing you stay in touch with friends and family.

activate your esim before travel

See The Pricing For Data

Type in the Country or Region that you are travelling to and see our current pricing.