How Many eSIM’s Can Be Used In Pixel 6?

The Pixel 6 can support up to 2 SIMs – 1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM.

You can have multiple eSIM profiles installed on the device, but only 1 eSIM profile can be active at a time along with the physical SIM. So you can switch between different eSIM profiles but not have them active simultaneously.

The maximum number of eSIM profiles that can be installed varies, with estimates ranging from 1 to 8. However, it’s recommended to keep it to around 3 eSIM profiles installed at once for optimal performance.

So in summary, the Pixel 6 supports:

  • 1 physical SIM
  • 1 active eSIM profile at a time

You can switch between the different installed eSIM profiles as needed, but only 1 eSIM and the physical SIM can be active at the same time.